Urban planning Services

Tecos is involved in various projects related to towns and regions planning, including land use planning.

This helps in:

  • managing the country natural resources,
  • facilitating People to access common infrastructure facilities such as Water, Schools, Health Centers, …

The development of local cities falls within the scope of urban development patterns.

The subdivision plans set terms and conditions for urban domain, fix the limits of public area and plots granted to individuals.

Different zones are defined, delimiting areas reserved for various services.

Tecos has already conducted many projects across the country, including rural areas like Gakenke, Nyabihu, Nyamata, Kibeho, Bugesera …

An Urban Planning well elaborated needs to be strategic and practical:

  • Meet the goal of improving the citizens living conditions,
  • Outline the strategy to use to keep the city clean,
  • Clarify the plan for a practical, accessible infrastructure.

For instance, in various Rwandan towns, adopting a system of Grouped Habitat could solve problems of poor land management due to dispersed households, not to mention the erosion caused by paths dispersed in hill dwellings.

It could help managing, facilitating the Agriculture & Modern farming.

Urban planning projects
2008-2009 Nyamata urban master plan (2752 ha) Bugesera District
2008-2009 Kibeho urban master plan (2870 ha) Nyaruguru District
2006 - 2007 Gakenke urban master plan (6450 ha) Gakenke District
2006 - 2007 Mukamira urban master plan (2400 ha) Nyabihu District


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